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Introduction to Naval Architecture

Tupper, Eric, 2001

Butterworth-Heinemann, Linacre House, Jordan Hill, Oxford OX@ 8DP, 225 Wildwood Avenue, Woburn, MA 01801-2041, 3rd Edition, ISBN: 0 7506 2529 5, formerly Muckle's Naval Architecture for Marine Engineers



The effects of sediment characteristics and wave height on shape-parameter for representing equilibrium beach profiles

Turker, U., 2006

Published in: Ocean Engineering, Volume 33, Number 2, ISSN: 0029-8018, February 2006, Elsevier Science Ltd



Interpretation of CFD results for use in ship hydrodynamic design

Turnock, S.R., 1999

Conference Proceedings of the 2nd CFD’99 – CFD Technology in Ship Hydromechanics, Ulsteinvik, Norway. Paper: P1999-6 Proceedings.


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Dynamic analysis of long composite cylindrical shells submerged in an acoustic medium.

Twinprawate, P., 1991

National Research Council of Canada, Symposium on Selected Topics of Marine Hydrodynamics, St.John’s, New-Foundland, USA

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Marine Technology & SNAME News, Volume 44, 2007


Marine Technology, Volume 44, 2007

Digital version: 396.7 MB


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A method for predicting the flow around the stern of double ship hulls.

Tzabiras, Georg D., 1983

National Technical University of Athens, Department of Naval Architecture and Marine Technology, Greece

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On engine power and manoeuvring safety of high speed small crafts

Ueno, Michio, 1999

Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Fast Sea Transportation, FAST’99, Seattle, Washington, USA, August 1999, Paper: P1999-2 Proceedings.



Effects of some seakeeping/manoeuvring aspects on broaching in quartering seas

Umeda, Naoya, 2000

Book: Contemporary Ideas on Ship Stability, Elsevier Science Ltd, ISBN: 0-08-043652-8, edited by: D. Vassalos e.a.



Benchmark testing of numerical prediction on capsizing of intact ships in following and quartering seas

Umeda, Naoya, 2001

Proceedings of the 5th International Workshop on Stability and Operational Safety of Ships, University of Trieste, Italy, Edited by: Alberto Francescutto, Paper: P2001-9 Proceedings.


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Analytical method of ship motions moored to quay walls and application to port planning.

Ueda, Shigeru, 1987

Port of Harbour Research Institute, Ministry of Transport, Offshore Structures Laboratory, Structures Division, Japan

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Marine Technology & SNAME News, Volume 46, 2009


Marine Technology, Volume 46, 2009

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Betrachtungen über stabilitätsverfahren im Seegang Teil 1 und 2.

Upahl, E., 1961

Universität Rostock, Schiffbautechnischen Fakultät, Published in: Zeitschrift Schiffstechnik, Heft 9, 1961, Germany

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Cause and countermeasure of long-period oscillations of moored ships and the quatification of surge and heave amplitudes

Uzaki, K.-I, 2010

Published in: Ocean Engineering, Volume 37, Issues 2-3, February 2010, ISSN: 0029-8018, Elsevier Science Ltd


DWTMB R&D Report 76-0137

Experimental investigation of the effect of propeller blade pitch on propeller produced unsteady bearing forces and moments.

Valentine, Daniël T, 1976

David W. Taylor Model Basin, Bethesda, Maryland, USA, Department of the Navy, Ship Performance department, Research and Development Report 76-0137

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Paper 678

A tug & barge system for sea and river service.

Valkhof Henk H.; T. Hoogeveen; R.P. Dallinga; S. Toxopeus and T.F. Verwoest, 2000

SNAME Transactions, Volume 108, pp. 71-98

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Prediction of the damping controlled response of offshore structures to random wave excitation.

Vandiver, J.Kim, 1981

SPE-AIME, Massachusetts Institue of Technology, Published in: MTS Journal, Volume 15, No. 1, 1981, pp. 31-41

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DWTMB R&D Report 936

The TMB midget vibration generator and applications.

Vane, Francis F., 1955

David W. Taylor Model Basin, Washington DC, Department of the Navy, Research and Development Report 936

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Velocity distribution in open channels.

Vanoni, Vito A., 1941

California Institute of Technology, Reprinted from: Civil Engineering

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A summary of sediment transportation mechanics.

Vanoni, Vito A., 1953

California Institute of Technology, Department of Hydraulics, Reprinted from Proceedings of the 3rd Midwestern Conference on Fluid Mechanics, The University of Minnesota, USA

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Marine Technology & SNAME News, Volume 47, 2010


Marine Technology, Volume 47, 2010

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Some effects of suspended sediment on flow characteristics.

Vanoni, Vito A., 1953

California Institute of Technology, Department of Hydraulics, Reprinted from: Proceedings of the 5th Hydraulics Conference, Bulletin 34, State University of Iowa, 1953, USA

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Application of various CFD methods in the development of the AZIPULL podded propulsion system

Vartdal, Leif, 1999

2nd International Conference Proceedings CFD’99 – CFD Technology in Ship Hydromechanics, Ulsteinvik, Norway. Paper: P1999-6 Proceedings.


Report No. NAOE-95-31

Shalow Water Manoeuvring Simulation of ESSO OSAKA and British Bombardier

Varyani, K.S. and A. Incecik, 1995

Report No. NAOE-95-31 of the Department of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering, University of Glasgow, Hydrodynamics Laboratory

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New generic equation for interaction effects on a moored containership due to a passing tanker Effective breakwaters for high speed container vessels

Varyani, K.S., 2006

Proceedings of MARSTRUCT’07, the 1st International Conference on Marine Structures, Glasgow, United Kingdom – Advancements in Marine Structures. Paper: P2007-3 Proceedings.


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Capsizal resistance of damaged Ro-Ro ferries: Moddeling and application.

Vassalos, Dracos, 1995

University of Strathclyde, The Ship Stability Research Centre, Department of Ship and Marine Technology, Glasgow, Scotland, Published by: WEGEMT Workshop Damage Stability of Ships

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