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Paper 1192/1193

On the roll motion of a ship with partially filled unbaffled tanks.
Part 1: Mathematical model and experimental setup.
Part 2: Numerical and experimental analysis (Attached file)

Armenio, V.; A. Francescutto and M. La Rocca, 1996

Published in International Journal of Offshore and Polar Engineering, Volume 6 No. 4.

Digital version: 617.2 KB


Paper 1194

On the analysis of sloshing of water in rectangular containers: numerical study and experimental investigation.

Armenio, V. and M. La Rocca, 1996

Published in Ocean Engineering, Volume 23, No. 8, pp. 705-739.

Digital version , 2.4 MB


Paper 1195

An improved mac method (SIMAC) for unsteady high-Reynolds free surface flows.

Armenio, V. , 1997

Published in International Journal for Numerical Methods in Fluids, Volume 24, pp. 185-214.

Digital version: 1.9 MB



Dynamic loads on submerged bodies in a viscous numerical wave tank at small KC numbers.

Armenio, V. , 1998

Published in Ocean Engineering, Volume 25, No. 10, 1998



The role and the methods of simulation of ship behaviour at sea including ship capsizing

Armenio, V., 2000

Book: Contemporary Ideas on Ship Stability, Elsevier Science Ltd, ISBN: 0-08-043652-8, edited by D. Vassalos e.a.