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Resistance prediction of planing craft from similar craft using the Almeter method

Almeter, John M., 1999

The Royal Institution of Naval Architects, RINA, International Conference Hydrodynamics of High Speed Craft, London, UK, 1999, ISBN: 0 903055 5 46, For paper see P1999-4 Proceedings


Paper 19

Effect of the lift coefficient Cls on planing craft predictions.

Almeter, John M., 1993

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Paper 21

Resistance prediction of planing hulls: State of the art.

Almeter, John M., 1993

Published in: Marine Technology, Volume 39, Number 4, Page 297-307, 1993

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Paper 20

Resistance prediction and optimization of low deadrise, hard chine, stepless planing hulls.

Almeter, John M., 1990

Carderock Division, Naval Surface Warfare Center, Combatant Craft Department, Norfolk Detachment, Norfolk, Virginia, Presented at the February 1991 Meeting of the Hampton Roads Section of the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, SNAME

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